Coban problems.

Coban is the stuff that wraps around after blood work and things like that(this will make sense in a little bit).

At a church camp camp I went to, I found a new weird from cancer.

As middle schoolers we get to stay up later and do things while the littler ones are asleep. One of those things was glow in the dark capture the flag. At the start it was fun, but, as I was running, I ran on the gravel parking lot, and accidentally tripped on a rock. I fell, and my whole left side was covered in dirt, a rock sliced up my hand and it hurt.

After getting ice that wasn’t very cold, fabric band aids, crying a lot in the process, and a shower, I went to bed.

The next day the band aids kinda fell off. So, I got some more from the nurse.

After a couple times of getting new ones we tried wrapping coban around my band aided hand, because they didn’t have medical tape.

After a while, it started to feel weird, not like it hurt or anything, and not like how a alcohol trigger affects me, it was just weird. I think it was just that my brain was like What? this isn’t the house. I don’t have emla on me. This isn’t the hospital either, what’s going on? So it was just weird.

My cut is healing up, and it looks good but, my team didn’t win.:(

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  1. Thanks for sharing , J. I love and appreciate your honesty and that you help those of us who know and love your family to understand how this journey continues to impact you.

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