This big word is the official name of my cheek muscle cancer (which is in my lump).

It comes from dumb cells that only know how to eat and multiply. Healthy cells learn their jobs. These dumb cells don’t learn their jobs. They only know how to multiply and keep doing that until they make a lump.

About 350 kids in the United States develop rhabdomyosarcoma each year.*

*I learned this from the book “Chemo, Craziness, & Comfort. My Book About Childhood Cancer” Edited by Ruth I Hoffman, Drawings by Trevor Romain & Tommy Burns


  1. Ok first of all, that big name sounds like a scary dinosaur. Perhaps the title of your book, when you write it, could be Joanna Slays the Rhabdomyosarcoma.

    Second, you explain things very well and I love how you cite your text evidence. If I were your teacher, I’d give you an A+ on this.

    Finally, as someone else said on another post, there is some comfort in having a plan. I hope there is some comfort in knowing what it is that you’re about to slay. We’re with you!

  2. Dear Joanna, I am praying for you and your Mom and Dad that you can get rid of all those dumb cells so you can have fun this summer. You are a very courageous young lady and I admire you a lot. Love Great Aunt Helen

  3. Hi Joanna!
    It was really good to see you again this morning at church! I am so happy that you remembered my name and that I taught your zoom bible class. I want you to know that Mr. Mike and I are praying for you everyday! You are a strong and beautiful girl with a lot of courage! We love you.

  4. Now that your doctors know just what kind of dumb cells they are dealing with they can plan out the best way to take em down.
    So glad you have a great team to help you beat those dumb cells!

  5. Hi Joanna, I go to church at MRCC and wanted you to know that I’m praying for you! I’ve spent a lot of time in hospitals too and have had lots of surgeries. I’ve also had the port like you have. I will keep you in my prayers! ♥️

  6. Books are a wonderful source of information. So glad you found one to help you understand what the cells are doing and not doing to your body. We Love You❤️
    Aunt Pat and Uncle Dave😊

  7. Perfect way to describe cancer cells. I love that you have a book to help you learn about what is going on in your body. Glad you have a smart doctor who can outsmart those dumb cells.

  8. Your doctors are the best and are very smart. Their treatment plan will outsmart those dumb cells! Hope you’re having a good day Joanna – I miss you!

  9. Giving things names always helps me understand and deal with things better. Love you and your family and am praying for you!

  10. Those cells really are dumb. It’s good to read books about what you are going through. Hopefully it helps you understand things better. Love and hugs, Aunt Peggy

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