My lopsided grin

this is me six days after surgery.
this is what I thought I would look like after surgery.

Though I feel like I am smiling I look like I’m forcing a smile right after I lied. And I feel discouraged. 🙁 What I have been feeling: I’m having a debate in my head of whether I should update my profile picture in my messenger kids app. If I do, they might think that I’m angry at them for some reason.But I’m not! if I don’t, they might, well I don’t want to find out! Masks to the rescue!


  1. Your smile has always brightened my day, so nothing has changed! You are, as always, beautiful.

  2. I love your grin. It is so full of character. It’s a great grin. You’re grin shows how full your heart is.

  3. You look like the same big bright light of fire and sunshine I have enjoyed getting to know for the past 8 years. Beautiful inside and out!

  4. Joanna! I think your smile is perfect! You are the sweetest, bravest, most encouraging young lady! I miss you and your hugs! I love you!

  5. Now that is a great pic even with a little healing left to do! I see a beautiful, kind, smart girl in that smile. It starts in your eyes and goes all the way to that adorable grin! You’ve got this brave girl 😉

  6. I love your smile! You are so brave. You’ll do great with whatever they throw at you!💞💖😘😘

  7. Your smile is shining through! Thanks for the update, I look forward to reading them so much. Hope your pop it’s keep your hands busy while you wait for appointments. My granddaughter loves them!

  8. I see your smile not only through your crooked smile but also your eyes. You are so brave and I pray that you continue to have such a positive attitude in the face of adversity. Be who you are – we can only love you more. ❤️🥰

  9. I know it’s hard the future is scary, but you are brave and strong and doing great. You are beautiful on the outside and the inside.

  10. Your smile comes from inside your soul and that comes through shinning bright. Your updated smile is a new part of your story; which will continue to change as you journey forward. Even in those hard days I pray for the joy and Love behind that smile to hold you and close and lift your spirit💕💕

  11. love that smile, crooked and all! so glad you are keeping us updated on your progress. I don’t think anyone will think you are mad at them. Keep smiling my friend!! Love you!!

  12. Even though only half your mouth is cooperating with the smile, both your eyes are smiling! Praying for you, friend!

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