pay the valet

One way to help us is to drop a buck or 2 or 3 into mom’s paypal account.

I was super excited to have an appointment today with a Child Life Specialist to get a pre-surgery tour so I could see what my overnight room will look like on Friday. We left knowing that we’d be just on time if the parking went smoothly.

It was not smooth. It was a stressful 8 minutes and then, valet to the rescue! We were late, laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate! (to be said in a dramatic voice)

After circling around and around we left the parking lot and gave the car to the valet. What a relief!

Parking has been a bit stressful at some of my other appointments too, so if we could just plan on using the valet that would sure be helpful. The service is free, but it’s nice to tip them when we pick up the car.

If you’d like to help “pay the valet”, my mom’s paypal link is below 🙂


  1. Glad there was a solution. So thoughtful of you to want to tip the valet and so wise of you to know that comes out of mom and dad’s bank account. What a wonderful way for us to come alongside and help you! Thank you for asking.

  2. I can hear your voice as I read this post😂. So cute!! We’ll help pay the valet😉

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