It just happened, I now know how to swallow mini m&m’s! at first I did not know that I had swallowed it until I tasted a chocolate thing in my throat and I can swallow it any time!

Here are some pictures from yesterday when I was practising at the hospital. My reward for practicing with a good open mind was me watching “Bluey” with the Child Life Specialist.

Right now I have to take Bactrim so I can prevent lung stuff. This one comes in a pill, and it’s super important. I need it and right now we’ve been cutting it and putting in Nutella. But this weekend I’m going to try just swallowing it with some water. If it came in a liquid version, I think it would taste very gross.


  1. I just saw a question from a mom on a group I’m in asking for help teaching her daughter to swallow pills. I saw someone else’s trick that she had to drink through a straw to help her learn to direct the swallow in the right direction. Do you have any other tips to pass on to help someone else?

    Sometimes when I take my medicines, I swallow them with a prayer that God will help them to do what they need to do. I’ll say that prayer for you too!

  2. WTG! That is hard to do – funny story – when one of my boys was 16 on vacation he needed to start some allergy medicine because he was miserable, and we had to buy some little individual applesauce bowls at the nearest store to crush the medicine in – Ha! Ha! It will definitely be much easier on you to swallow the pills you have to take. I will pray the Bactrim does it’s job protecting you!

  3. Great skill to master at your age!! I couldn’t manage it until after I was out of high school. Imagine being 17 and asking the Dr for the “bubble gum” medicine.

  4. You are a rock star! Thanks for sharing all your milestones with us. Question though – What is “Bluey”? Looks interesting.

    1. “Bluey” is an amazing tv show. We watch it on Disney +. The episodes are just 8 minutes long, and they’re GREAT! It’s about a family of blue heelers.

  5. Go Joanna!!! I had to learn by drinking through a straw so I could trick my throat into swallowing pills in the right direction. It’s a good skill to have & I’m super proud of you!!!

  6. Proud if you!! You just unlocked a life skill!!! Stay strong-“ he has given you a spirit of power”.

  7. You’ve got this. I remember being excited when I learned to swallow my first pill. You’re learning all kinds of new things!!
    Love ❤️ and hugs 🤗 Aunt Peggy

  8. Yay! I’m taking Bactrim too. I’ve never had much trouble swallowing pills but these are HUGE & they taste so gross! 😝

    Keep up the good work. ❤

  9. You got this. I HAVE always been able to take them without water. Your moms not been so lucky so if you can get past it then i for sure know your mom will be impressed like i am!

  10. Glad you’re mastering it! I hate to swallow pills too! Your’re doing great!💞💖

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