The last Cyclo

So, you already know Cyclo, and I have no more of him now, because I have finished my last “big chemo.”

You met him earlier when I drew him:

this is Cyclo.

He actually comes in a special bag that looks like this:

This is what the end of Cyclo looked like.

One of the best things about being done with him is that I don’t need any more “after big chemo” shots.

You might be thinking that “chemo is done” but the truth is, it isn’t. It’s just the big chemo is done. I have 12 more doses of chemo scheduled.


  1. Dear Cyclo – Thank you for doing your part in helping Joanna beat cancer. Because you are so strong the doctors knew you were the right one for the job. Because you are so strong you caused some not-so-nice side effects for Joanna, but nobody’s perfect. Your friends “V” and “A” have got it from here. They will clean up any teeny tiny crumbs you might have missed. I wish you could take a long vacation now but unfortunately there are many others who need your help kicking cancer. So use your special powers and go get ’em Cyclo!

  2. I am so glad you are rid of Cyclo, on to the next step in getting rid of all of it.You are doing such a great job Joanna. Love to all.

    1. Woot, Woot, no more big chemo! You’ve got this girl!! Kicking’ cancer to the curb!!!love you. ❤️🙏

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