Girl Scout cookies!

I’m excited to give Girl Scout cookies to staff at the Oklahoma Children’s Hospital Jimmy Everest Cancer Center.

This pile of 41 boxes of yummy-ness has been purchased by my friends and family for me to take to hospital staff when I go for my appointments on Wednesday.

If you would like to add to the pile, you are welcome to do so. Just visit and buy some of your favorites for “girl delivery” -be sure to comment or send a message to let us know you did so that we can be sure to take them with us, that way I won’t think you’re ordering for you to eat. (Of course, if you want some, too I’ll be glad for my mom to arrange delivery for you)

*the sites says it may takes weeks to deliver -please ignore that part, I have cookies already and can get more from my troop cookie mom.


  1. This is an Ah-mazing thing to do for the very tired nurses & doctors at the hospital. Thank you for spreading kindness & cookies ♥️

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