Cookies for Children’s

I have some amazing friends and family! They bought 121 boxes of Girl Scout cookies from me to be shared with staff at the Children’s Hospital. My goal was to have enough for each worker in the JEC to get their own box. We did it!!!!

When we go to the Jimmy Everest Center today for my scan results and 16 month post-treatment check-up I get to share them. I even have enough to take some to the surgery floor and the proton radiation staff over at Stephenson Cancer Center.

It was fun to share some Tuesday. After my MRI the staff there each got to pick a box, the lady that did my x-ray got one and the 4 people in my ultrasound were each invited to choose a box for themselves. Everyone was surprised -it was so fun to let them know they are appreciated.


  1. hi!! we met at GKTW in june im the volunteer who was going into child life! just was thinking about you and looked up your blog and am so happy to see you are doing well:) take care 💛💛

  2. It was pretty special to get to do this. I’m so thankful for everyone who donated boxes to make this possible!

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