It was so cool to meet Sam the doll! He has a port. I got to stick the needle like the nurse will. The port is a white semi circle under the skin.

And, that is how the chemotherapy will get into me, through a port like Sam has.

One cool thing about Sam was that he has velcro layers of his upper body. Removing a layer of Sam is like going under my skin -as I take layers off Sam I can see what it will be like inside me. It was really cool, when you stick it in, it’s in there and you have to pull tabs up and hold them to take it out, so it’s good to know I don’t have to worry about the needle falling out on it’s own. Also, you use 2 fingers in a v shape to find the port and once you do that you make a mental note of where it is and stick the needle in where you believe the center of the port is.


  1. Joanna you are a very intelligent young girl. It’s impressive with how perfectly you explained how to access a port. My prayers are with you all

  2. Sam sounds pretty cool. You are an amazing story teller and writer, I can just picture everything you describe . God has big plans for you and I believe is going to use your journey to help other children and their families.

    1. Joanna, I agree with Shannon. You will use this experience to help others….including adults 🙂

  3. Isn’t our God so awesome to create our amazing bodies and all the cool things we can use to help people get better? I’m so glad you got your port placed so you don’t have to have an IV every time you get your chemo!

  4. Dearest Joanna,
    The library loves you and misses you, and so do I!! The light that is in you just keeps shining brighter and brighter, and now we can add “brave superhero” to your many other awesome qualities (joyful, smart, funny, kind, creative, etc., etc.).
    I will be praying for you. I know our good God will take good care of you, and I know He will use your amazing attitude to help others. He has big plans for you, so rest and get better!! Love you!!!!!!! Miss Amy

  5. It’s great that you get to use Sam to help you know what you are going through. I’m not sure I want to see what it looks like under my skin. It sounds cool but also a bit yucky. Love you! 😂

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