Child life specialist

A couple cool things about a child life specialist is :

  • You can watch something on their phone (this really helped when I was getting blood drawn for my first labs)
  • You can listen to music on their phone
  • They can attach a light disco ball to their phone and make disco lights appear on anything! (It looked really cool on my black pants)
  • They may give you play doh to work with
  • They let me smell some different scents that could go in my mask for when I got the sleepy gas (I picked green apple, I may get chocolate next time)
  • They can show pictures on their iPad of what the surgery room would be like so I was better prepared for it
  • They comfort you when you need it
  • They gave me a squishy orbeez ball (I can make it get really big and then let it drain)


  1. Hey maybe I should look into becoming a Child Life Specialist. I would love to play with all that fun stuff with cool kids like you everyday!

  2. You look like you’re having so much fun!! I need toys like that to play with. Love you! Aunt Peggy

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