My surgeon clipped the ends of my parotid gland and gave me a botox injection and put a drain in and stitched it on my cheek.


  1. Thanks for updating us and that you are back home. Sounds to me that you might need some ice cream

  2. Thank you for the update Joanna. So glad you got to be home last night to sleep in your own bed! I hope your healing process will be easier now with this new drain. Love and hugs to you and your parents!

  3. Nothing fazes you. Youโ€™re one brave, smart, beautiful girl (of course Iโ€™m somewhat biased.). Love snd hugs! Aunt Peggy

  4. Itโ€™s amazing what they can do to your sweet cheek to help you heal completely! Thanks for keeping us posted ๐Ÿ˜˜

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