First, COVID hits then, cancer hits then, my pet friend Goldie is dying. So life is pretty rough. I love him and will do any thing for him. He, in undying life, is a fun, not really smart, adorable little, okay, big fish friend a person could even start to wish for. And I, speaking from all my heart, love you Goldie! 🙁

This is him healthy.
this is him not healthy.


  1. Sorry to hear about Goldie. We as well just lost our goldfish lilly diamond. Its always a bummer when they go but we know that you gave her the best home while you could. We will pray for you and Goldie. Love you all.
    Britt, Tyler, Allesia and Ariel

  2. Joanna, every time when we were young we would win goldfish by throwing ping pong balls at a carnival (usually Little Flower). Most of the time in the morning they were doing the backstroke. We also would go to the circus and they sold chameleons, their tails would fall off and they would change colors. James loved Betas. Love Aunt Clar

  3. Joanna I am so sorry that Goldie is not feeling well . I am glad you have some pictures to remind you of what a great fish Goldie has been. I am praying that your chemo sessions go by quickly and take care of all the remaining dumb cells. You are a bright light. Hugs .

  4. Oh no! Joanna, I’m sorry Goldie is no longer healthy. 🙁
    I’ve been thinking about you a lot today. I’m praying for you about your first chemo treatment tomorrow. I love you sweet friend! 🙂

  5. Aww Joanna my heart aches for you and for Goldie. I’m sure Goldie loves you and appreciates all that you have done for him. 😢💔

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