One of the things I have been doing is collecting bottle caps and my dad likes drinking carbonated drinks in glass bottles like Topo Chico Water, Pepsi, Root Beer, and Mexican Coca Cola.

So, if you could, please bring some by. Dad will enjoy the drink and I will enjoy the caps. He also likes: Dang! That’s Good! Butterscotch Root beer. Mom likes Dr. pepper.


  1. Dear sweet Joanne,
    I have meant to write so many time and would get distracted! We love you so much and have missed seeing you and your parents. We have prayed for you many times, and will continue praying for you and your parents. We hope to be able to see you or talk to you soon.
    Love you, take care, sweet Joanna.

  2. How did we all miss this post in the blog. Interesting drinks you dad likes. I do not usually by bottled drinks, but if I do I will try to send you the caps. Is it mainly the metal tops you want to collect or the screw on kind also. I do not comment much on you post because, unlike you and your mom, I find it hard to put my thoughts down in words. Please know, you are always I am always praying for you and the family. Love Aunt Mary

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