It’s happening!

We knew this would happen but not when. So, I’m getting bald.

When me and Mom were folding laundry I realized if my hair is falling out, the chemo is killing the fast growing cells. So,if there is any cancer left in my body it will be gone. And, the chemo is working!

Vac* is a vacuum and likes to suck up cancer and represents my chemo treatment. Cyclo is a cyclops in the form of a hydraclops and likes to scare away the cancer, and is one of my chemo treatments as well.

*VAC is an acronym for the chemotherapy medicine I am receiving. Cyclo is one of the 3, and it’s the one that takes the longest to get through my port and seems to be the strongest.


  1. Thank goodness for Vac and Cyclo – glad they are doing their jobs! You explain things so well. You are such a strong kid. Love you! Aunt Pegg

  2. I know this part is hard and scary. But remember your hair is only a tiny part of who you are and we want your whole body to heal. We really miss you. Video chat us anytime on messenger.

  3. Hi Joanna! I’m so glad your medicines are working so quickly. When I was 23, I also lost my hair when I was very sick. Sometimes it made me sad, but I’ll tell you the good part- when my hair grew back and it was short and curly, I LOVED it.
    You are strong, smart and brave! Goodbye terrible cancer!

  4. You are strong and courageous, Joanna! And yes, the chemo is doing it’s job!πŸ¦Έβ€β™€οΈπŸ™πŸ’•

  5. I can tell you from experience bald is not bad. Just less work in the morning. You are such a strong young lady!

  6. You are AMAZING no matter what!!! You are brave, intelligent and most importantly you love God. Hair loss is one of those blecky side effects. Just know that you are loved because of your perfect, kind, loving heart!!

  7. Thank you Joanna for sharing your journey, I appreciate your strong will to beat this cancer. Keep fighting strong girl.
    We are all praying for you.
    You will have a logs that maybe you can make into a book to help other children fighting cancer. You are an inspiration.
    love Aunt Ceil

    1. You are so smart & exactly right! Cancer cells are no match for VAC. It’s doing it’s job so well it’s getting those hair cells too. It’s a good thing that being bald is fierce & cool & beautiful, so you are gonna rock this!!!!

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