Yesterday I got labs and I got to see my blood on a microscope slide!

The people working in the lab offered to make a slide that I can take home to look at under my microscope! So, next week when I get labs again they’ll start getting it ready and then I can bring it home in 2 weeks.


  1. Hey, This is LaLa. We met during the quilting project at church. This is the first time I’ve sent you a message. I’m praying for you every day and hoping you get well. I am a science teacher and I have taught classes about the human body. Those classes were called human anatomy. Our body has several systems and the system that is about our blood is called the circulatory system. It is so amazingHow God created such a wonderful body that can take care of itself and can heal itself. I hope you have a great day. Love Lala

  2. That’s pretty awesome. You have some great people willing to help you learn about all that is happening to you. I’m glad it doesn’t hurt when they take your blood. ❤️ Love you. Aunt Peggy

  3. That’s so cool! I’m so glad you are getting to learn about your amazing body & all the different things the people who work in a hospital do you help take care of patients.

  4. Joanna I am happy that you are learning all about this, since you have to be there! It’s interesting, and will help you if you choose to work in the medical field. Praying for you! 🙏♥️🙏

  5. That is so cool! Working in a lab is a lot of fun. I don’t work with microscopes but I do work with some really fun equipment.

  6. I love how brave you are and how you turn everything into a learning adventure. I’m learning so much from you! Big hugs!

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