Tough times

So, when I wrote the last post I was not expecting what the day would bring. It was completely the opposite.

First I had to go the 7th floor instead of the 10th floor. Because the 7th floor is also the NICU babies everything kind of went wacko. I had a 10th floor nurse, which was really good, and I still got to see Targa the service dog. But, one of the things that really bugged me was that none of the things that are on the 10th floor were there, like the Keaton’s Clubhouse that I was planning to play in. And, I didn’t have any friends on the 10th floor yet, but I kind of missed the Child Life Specialists, they are my friends, I’m used to having grown-up friends. But, I was surprised that I did get to see a Child Life Specialist.

I still got to do a lot of fun things on the 6th floor, though. Because the 6th floor, which I’ve probably told you about if we’ve been chatting in person, is “The Zone.” I got to make buttons like my doctor. When Covid hit, all the people took a picture with their masks off so kids could see what they really look like. So, I made one of myself. I also to got to paint – I made a sloth and butterfly and mangrove tree on my canvas. There was a little dude who beat me at air hockey, which was pretty surprising!


  1. Joanna, you do such a lovely job of finding the silver linings in each situation! What a gift to be able to do that. I hope you get to be on the 10th floor with Targa next time.

  2. I like things to stay the same too, but they don’t. So we just have to “roll with the punches” so they say. I wonder where that saying comes from? I will have to research that one! Sounds like you got to have some fun anyway! Good for you!

  3. I am sure at first things were upsetting, but it sounds like everything worked out. Joanna,you are a wonderful brave girl. Love and Hugs coming your way.

  4. I’m glad the day turned out we’ll dispute disappointments. That’s what I like about an unexpected change every now and then, you get surprises and may have inspired someone or made a new friend along the way you would have not normally met. Even though your smile is covered by a mask, your face and personality will still light up the room for someone else! We are keeping you in our prayers for complete healing, strength to persevere, and very few sick days. We love you.

  5. I hope your experience is healing and calming. Sometimes things are better than you expect, it is tough to leave the things that are familiar to you. You are in my prayers daily. Love You

  6. Looks like you found another way to see light with all that’s going on. Keep going Joanna. You have such a special heart. 💓 We love you!

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