More than 4%

Did you know that the government gives billions of $ to research cancer each year?

It’s nice right? Well, only 4% is given to Kid’s cancer – that is not nice.

If there were funds for kids, I think some really smart scientists could figure out a way to get me the treatment I need without me barfing all the time and without me losing my hair. They could figure out how to give treatment that doesn’t make delicious things taste gross, and not change how I react to how things smell. Also, the radiation is making my mouth hard to open, so if they could figure out how to make it not hurt (without using medicine) that would be great!

I had surgery to take out the Lump and now I’m going through weekly chemo and daily radiation to get rid of the rhabdomyosarcoma. But, as it’s all happening we don’t know if I really need ALL of this, and we don’t really have a way to know if it’s working – and I’m really frustrated.

There are lots of places to get information about all this, three sites that have some good information and statistics are and


  1. I’m thinking that someday you might be one of those real smart scientists helping to figure out a solution for some of those frustrating things! I’m so sorry you are going through hard things right now. Every night I think, “Joanna is one more day closer to being done with treatment”. Praying God gives you a rest from the icky side effects πŸ™πŸ’•.

  2. I agree we need more funding for childhood cancer. No kids should have to go through this. It’s so hard to understand why the things that make you better from cancer can also make you feel so so horrible! You are a very bright light miss Joanna and my donation to cancer research is in your name this year. Strong warriors get frustrated, tired, sad, and mad. They also keep fighting and I know you can too! I’m cheering for you πŸ“£πŸ’ͺ🏼

  3. Joanna thank you for this information. You are a wonderful little girl. I am so sorry you have to go through this. So much love and hugs coming your way.

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