Radiation (not simulation)

We have been doing radiation for awhile now. Some days are harder than others. But, today my OraMagic wore off. OraMagic is the stuff that numbs up my cheek to help it open up to get the bite block in. So, today it wore off, but I was able to open my mouth wide. Earlier I had to depend on the OraMagic to help me open up my mouth. So, this is a big step!

I always get “waffle face” that is because the mask is really tight and when it comes off it leaves little holes, like a waffle has.

My radiation doctor told me that protein helps heal my body from radiation. So, I’ve been eating meat. Lots and lots of meat. And, I also ate Singapore Rice Noodles and drank a bunch of water because they are so spicy good. But I don’t like other spicy things. It’s really weird.

The side effects are dryness on my cheek and my cheek being cramped. And, I also some sores from it. I have a corner of my mouth that is dry so much that if I open too big it will start bleeding.

To help reduce side effects, I’m having to wash and moisturize my face at least twice a day and using lots of aquaphor on my lips and swishing with a baking soda and salt water rinse.

And because my gums are so sensitive right now, I have to use a toothbrush designed for an infant – 2 year old. It has a tiny head and really soft bristles. There are some designed for 8 year olds that have flosser bristles that poked my gums. It isn’t very comfortable at all. I started crying after using that one night. So, we shopped for more toothbrushes and found the infant one.


  1. You make a waffle face look adorable with your blue glasses. So many of us are praying for you! Love, Ms Debbie ♥️♥️♥️

  2. Joanna, I’ve never had the blessing of meeting you face to face but I follow you constantly as well as pray continuously for you. You are such a beautiful Christian young lady and such an inspiration to so many people. I am so uplifted when I read your positive words and see you beautiful smile. Hang in there girl! The journey ahead will be tough, as it already has been, but it is preparing you for the friend and mentor to someone who will be experiencing the same thing as you and they will look to you for strength and courage to make this difficult walk themselves. Blessings for the day.

  3. I remember “waffle face”. 🙂 I used to get that on my forehead when I did radiation. That’s awesome that you get to decorate your mask!

  4. We miss you so much and are anxious for the day we can throw you a party to celebrate this all being over. Love seeing the smile on your face in the pictures. Take care sweet girl. Sending up prayers for you.

  5. Your Grandma Debbie had a very small mouth, (do you have an extra small mouth?) every time she went to the dentist her mouth on both sides would split open and have sores on it for about a week.

  6. You have the cutest waffle face ever. You are adorable. I am inspired by your ability to find the good in your situation. You’re an amazing fighter!!! Love, Aunt Peggy❤️

  7. You are so sweet, brave and such a champion!! I love the waffle imprints! You look beautiful! ❤️ I miss your sweet smile😌

  8. I don’t see a waffle face, but I sure love seeing your beautiful face!! And your beautiful, generous, brave heart too!!
    Your library fan club loves you very much!!!!

  9. Beautiful smile!! Waffle face is a great way to explain your experience- my kids love eating waffles- i get those noodles would be yummy too.

  10. Joanna. You continue to amaze me in how positive you stay and finding the good in all that is happening. You are a true inspiration telling your story. Love Uncle Steve

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