pay the valet

One way to help us is to drop a buck or 2 or 3 into mom’s paypal account. I was super excited to have an appointment today with a Child Life Specialist to get a pre-surgery tour so I could see what my overnight room will look like on Friday. We left knowing that we’d… Continue reading pay the valet

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Friday is surgery day! About two weeks from surgery I am going to get chemo!


First there’s the COVID next cancer at the same time! So,I’m getting tests for before any anesthesia. From a kid’s perspective it is really uncomfortable. But, if we wear our masks we can stop COVID together. So, wear your masks!

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This big word is the official name of my cheek muscle cancer (which is in my lump). It comes from dumb cells that only know how to eat and multiply. Healthy cells learn their jobs. These dumb cells don’t learn their jobs. They only know how to multiply and keep doing that until they make… Continue reading Rhabdomyosarcoma

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Me with Aflac

It’s good to be home. I’m having fun with my new duck Aflac. Both procedures went well. I’m SO thankful for the team at OU Children’s hospital taking care of me.

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With decorated, scented mask, ready for the procedures

My mask is ready. I have finished the sniff test and picked chocolate, and I got to put lots of stickers on.

I’m almost ready to go back for port placement and bone marrow biopsy.


When I got into the building to get my biopsy we went into the waiting room and stayed there watching Princess Sofia the first. Then we were called in and a person got my vitals and took us to my room. Then a lot of people came in. One of them was a Child Life… Continue reading Biopsy

pet cat

aka PET/CT scan The machine will look like a donut. Mine has been ordered for Monday. I get to go to the adult side of the hospital for the scan because there is only one machine at the hospital that does this scan, and it’s over there. I need the pet cat scan to see… Continue reading pet cat

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It was so cool to meet Sam the doll! He has a port. I got to stick the needle like the nurse will. The port is a white semi circle under the skin. And, that is how the chemotherapy will get into me, through a port like Sam has. One cool thing about Sam was… Continue reading Sam