When I got into the building to get my biopsy we went into the waiting room and stayed there watching Princess Sofia the first. Then we were called in and a person got my vitals and took us to my room. Then a lot of people came in. One of them was a Child Life… Continue reading Biopsy

pet cat

aka PET/CT scan The machine will look like a donut. Mine has been ordered for Monday. I get to go to the adult side of the hospital for the scan because there is only one machine at the hospital that does this scan, and it’s over there. I need the pet cat scan to see… Continue reading pet cat

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It was so cool to meet Sam the doll! He has a port. I got to stick the needle like the nurse will. The port is a white semi circle under the skin. And, that is how the chemotherapy will get into me, through a port like Sam has. One cool thing about Sam was… Continue reading Sam

One day…

Every good story has a background. This is Joanna’s story of The Lump.

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